3D Game Artist

“Thanks to video games, we can create worlds and make them plausible”.

I put my human and technical expertise at your service. I am 3D Game artist, and I do semi-realistic handpainted and cartoon texturing.

I help independent video game developers, who don’t have graphic skills or need an extra strike force, to make their games with quality and in time to be more serene.

I love color and have always been fascinated by 3D.
Through my different experiences I have learned to adapt and self-train according to the needs. I was trained on Maya and Photoshop, which I replaced by Blender and Krita (Open Source and free software).

My skills

I have mastered:

  • Real-time 3D modeling (high and low poly) for environments, characters, creatures and props.
  • Handpainted texturing
  • Unity Integration

Better than a great speech I invite you to consult my work below to judge for yourself.

My graphic book


I modeled a theater for the Sayve mobile game.


I modeled and textured 3 characters for the Carlito.


Together with colleagues we had set up Travelers Studio, and developed Chase. The adventure lasted 4 years. I was in charge of the environments, some animations and VFXs of the game.

3D packages developed

Available on Unity Asset Store and Sketchfab Store.

Game Jams made

I like to make game jams, from time to time, for human encounters and challenge myself by going outside my comfort zone. What’s more, it’s a great way to test concepts!

Lullabear   – Robert in time  –  Epimatch  –  Hachiko


To see more of my work I invite you to check out my Artstation :

How can you join me?

You can reach me directly at contact@latelierdetaryne-aly.com or use the form via the link :