Game Assets Creator

“My desire is to create a catalog of choice for developers”

I help independent video game developers to save time, by offering them ready-made 3D packages, to build graphically their scenery and advance their production.

I’ve been creating 3D asset packages since 2020. And my will is to feed my catalog as time goes by.

In my creation process I have set myself 3 objectives:

✔️ Customizable

Possible color change of some parts of the assets (for example: foliage, mosses…).

✔️ Optimized

Suitable for PC or mobile. Contains LOD. Atlas of textures.

✔️ Convenient to use

I test all my packages to make sure they are easy to use.

Each 3D package has its documentation in FR and ENG.

Handpainted Forest Pack

Available on Unity Asset Store :

Available on Sketchfab :


Allows you to build your own forests. Contains VFXs (only for Unity) to add life.

Handpainted Forest Lite Pack

Handpainted Forest Pack Lite is the free version of the Handpainted Forest Pack package.

Handpainted Trees Pack 1

Available on Unity Asset Store :

Available on Sketchfab :


If you just want Handpainted Trees Pack 1 is for you!

Handpainted Forest MOBILE

Available on Unity Asset Store :


Available on Sketchfab :


The mobile version of Handpainted forest pack.


You can join me directly at or use the form via the link :