Hello, my name is Solenne

My name is Solenne Marty and I’m a 3D Game Artist in the Video Game on Lyon, France.

I love colour and have always been fascinated by the representation of volumes in space. I have several strings to my bow (modeling, texturing, optimization, VFXs…). For the anecdote Taryne-Aly is my nickname of artist and player 😉

Of course I play video games, I’m more of an RPG but as soon as I’m interested in the visual or the story I’ll take a closer look at it, whatever the genre.

I play volleyball. I like team sports for the interaction and the strategies to implement together.

L’atelier de Taryne-Aly was born out of my desire to reconcile my professional and personal life: I can exercise my profession in different departments with passion and respect my values. To me humans are important.

My values


When you work with your employees with benevolence and respect it helps to establish a relationship of trust. And working in good conditions allows you to give the best of yourself.


Being honest with yourself and your clients is just the foundation for me. If I don’t know how to do this, I’ll recommend a contact.


There’s nothing worse than a misunderstanding that wastes everyone’s time and money. That is why I want to make sure that we move forward together with a clear roadmap.

You can find me here if you want: